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What To Wear On A First Date

What To Wear On A First Date

The first impression you give to a person is really important, and much more if you intend to conquer it. Clothing on a first date is very important as it helps show off your personality.

We know that there is no written rule on this, but we can give you a series of tips to help you choose the look for that important day.

On the first date you will want to show the best version of yourself, part of that is achieved with a look that really makes you feel good.

Dress according to the occasion. Dressing for a walk is not the same as dressing for dinner at an elegant restaurant. Your look has to be on the same level as your date. First decide where you are going to go, and always look at the weather to choose what you are going to wear.

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If you don't know where you're going on your date, go for neutral colors and neutral clothing. Not too fancy but not too casual either.

General look: let your premise be sensuality, insinuate without showing. You can achieve this by wearing a very feminine garment such as a blouse with some transparency or a dress that highlights your shapes.

Shoes: If your date is elegant, you should decide on shoes that you feel comfortable with. Do not wear very high heels if you are going to walk a lot, you may love them, but if they are not practical it is not worth spending the entire date with sore feet. If your shoes hurt you, you will be uncomfortable; and, if the date is more informal, wear comfortable boots.

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Decide what impression you want to give. Choose formal, fun or sexy clothes depending on your intentions. Also decide if you want to wear a great neckline or not, if you want to dress more spicy or less, or if you prefer to keep your distance at the beginning.

Choose what colors you want to wear. You must know well how to combine the colors. Remember that black is good for any occasion.

Choose the accessories. Accessories are your great allies for the outfit you are going to wear, everything must depend on the type of date and the place you are going to go.

Choose a practical bag in which you can carry makeup, perfume, your cell phone and the keys to your house.

Be yourself and don't get overwhelmed. If you have any doubts, ask a friend for help on what you can bring, but don't let them decide for you, don't forget that you are the one going to the appointment.

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Accepting, loving and respecting you, it shows and you show it with your attitude. You will find yourself a happy woman, living your best life. That is one of the main qualities that will make you stand out.

Feeling comfortable with what you wear is very important, because this will make you look sexy and confident.

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