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Skinny Jeans: Never Out Of Style

Skinny Jeans: Never Out Of Style

Skinny jeans have been a fashion classic for a long time. We all have a pair of skinny jeans in our closet and they have become a wardrobe essential for many occasions, and they go well with any outfit.

Skinny jeans are the most well-known type of jeans, but this design is already applied to different materials, such as chino pants or even some suits. In general, it is any tight-fitting pant that closes completely at the bottom of the leg. Some sit at the hips and others at the waist, so it's up to you which ones to wear.

As well as all garments, the skinny jeans, have a big variety of styles and they evolve just like the trends that are emerging, or that they manage to survive thanks to the fact that they adapt perfectly to the different fashion trends that are born each season change. These are the skinny jeans that are going to be in trend:

Button Closure Skinny Jeans

Buttons add a touch of elegance to skinny jeans. You can choose to wear this style of skinny jeans in very dark gray or black, and pair it with a cropped sweater to show off the buttons.

Mapale D1913 Butt lifting jeans

Black Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans are one of our favorites because they go with everything and work well on all occasions. The trick is to choose what garments you are going to wear with them; You can wear these pants with ankle boots of the same color, a night blouse and a biker jacket with fringes and you'll be ready to go out for cocktails with your friends. But, if you wear them with sneakers and a basic white t-shirt, you get a "casual chic" look.

For this coming season, you can give this much-loved pair of jeans a twist by wearing a super high-rise or a high-waisted, straight-leg skinny jean. This latest style of black skinny jeans goes well with a pair of Oxfords or loafers in the same color; or a pair of boots in animal print.

Mapale D1918 High Waist Butt-Lifting Jeans

The Blue Classics

Anyone who says they don't have a pair of blue skinny jeans in their closet is probably not telling the truth, because EVERYONE has skinny jeans; They are a wardrobe staple. But, you don't have to use the same style that you have been using throughout your adult life.

One way to not get bored of your blue skinny jeans and to change your look a bit is to add pants to your closet in different shades of blue. A great option is light blue pants with the hem at calf height; combining them with a pair of stilettos or boots, a basic white t-shirt or a button-down blouse, are excellent looks.

The More Details The Better

Mapale D1915 Butt Lifting Jeans

If you are a little more daring with your style, skinny jeans with details in their design, such as a belt, patterns in different types of fabrics or colors, are more than welcome for this season.

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