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How to Organize Your Closet

How to Organize Your Closet

In this time of the year it is very common to clean and organize your closet so you can start the year with a functional, and practical space.

Knowing where each garment, accessory or shoe is can only be achieved by organizing by categories, colors and taking advantage of elements that allow optimizing the available area.

When your closet is not well organized, the chaos does not allow you to vary the outfits, it generates stress, and waste of time looking for combinations and garments you can’t find.

A good organization of the closet allows you to obtain benefits that goes from the esthetic and functional, to the psychological, when your environment is messy it influences in your ability to concentrate.

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In order to prevent this, we invite you to put these tips into practice, to have your closet in order.

Say Goodbye To The Clothes You No Longer Wear

We always have clothes in our closet that we never wear, either because they are too small or too big for us, we don't like it anymore, it has some detail or it is simply not a trend anymore. At this point, you must be completely honest with yourself, because you will stop liking that blouse that you think you will wear when you don't see your love handles or the jeans that you will have when you go on a diet, when you already have your ideal weight and you will reward yourself with new clothes. You can divide these garments into two categories: to give to your family or friends and to donate.

Sort By Type Of Garment And Color

Assign a place according to the type: shirts, elegant blouses, t-shirts, sportswear, underwear, jeans, formal pants, dresses, jackets, casual jackets, among others. Pay attention to what will hang and what will bend.

It is best to divide the clothes by color as it will create harmony and it will be easy to find the perfect match for your look.

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Give Accessories A Place

Bags, scarves, ties, and belts should be organized by size. Take advantage of elements such as divided hooks, boxes and coat racks so that they are visible.

Choose A Place For Shoes

Organizing shoes is also important. The ideal is to have a special place, take advantage of the minimum space or even shelves.

Buy Boxes and Drawers

Nowadays, we can find many helpers when organizing and decorating our home. Among them are the boxes and drawers, which perhaps some people use to store their children's toys but which you can also use to store clothes from the season that has passed. That is to say, if we are now in autumn, you can store in these summer dresses, short jean skirts, super low-cut blouses and all fine fabric clothes.


Now that you have calculated the space and where you will put the clothes folded and on hooks, start organizing your clothes in the closet. Start by hanging the clothes in the hook area that is already ironed and then placing the folded clothes in your drawers or closet planks.

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You can do it this way:

- By type of clothing: blouses, shirts, skirts, coats, etc. 

- By colors: so, you can get everything in a simpler way.

- By the length of the sleeves of the blouses and tops.

Assign a place according to the type: shirts, elegant blouses, t-shirts, sportswear, underwear, jeans, formal pants, dresses, jackets, casual jackets, among others. Remember that when you are organized you always get more out your clothes and accessories.

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