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Sleepwear: No Longer Just A Piece You Wear When You Sleep

Sleepwear: No Longer Just A Piece You Wear When You Sleep

Although Sleepwear Used To Be Considered A Very Basic And Relaxed Garment For Bedtime, Trends In Terms Of Styles, Designs, Details And Colors Have Been Changing In The Past Years.

Industries specializing in underwear and nightwear have transformed their collections by creating much more ‘fashionable’ pieces, ideal for today’s woman who is concerned at all times about her image and, above all, about feeling comfortable.

Sleeping well is very important for your health, you have to pay attention to sleeping the necessary hours to start your day in the best way. Sleeping in a good bed is essential, but so is the clothes you wear while you rest. It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible. We know that finding modern and suitable pajama for women is a difficult task, sleeping in your bed alone on a hot day is not the same as being accompanied by your partner during the cold months.

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There are a lots of possibilities and we are going to help you find de best sleepwear for you.

Types Of Fabric

There is a very large variety of fabrics that are used to make sleepwear, the industry is adapting to our demands and today we can find different options. Each one has a specific purpose. You must pay attention to your skin type and what materials to wear in your clothes so that you can spend 8 hours of sleep necessary for your rest.


Is widely used in fabrics with a soft texture that makes it a light and resistant piece.


Is a natural textile fiber. It is breathable, so it allows you to control the humidity of your skin. Their quality and durability are guaranteed and they retain color very well. It is hypoallergenic, an important feature, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is such a delicate fabric that it is also used to make underwear. This fabric is perfect for your sleepwear.


It can be mixed with other fibers, such as polyester, and the result is always a soft and silky texture to the touch. This makes it an ideal fabric for delicate pajamas and nightwear sets.


This fabric is used mostly in underwear and loungewear, its shine and softness will make you look sophisticated, sexy and elegant


We can find styles of sleepwear that also work as underwear for a romantic night. Babydoll is a piece that never goes out of style, if you are looking for pajamas for adult women, comfortable and delicate, this could be your best choice. You can find it with variations, for example using comfortable bralettes with shorts made of soft fabric.

Nowadays you can find a very practical type of sleepwear which is the nightgowns, they can give you freshness. It is a very feminine and delicate piece with different styles of finishes, materials and design; you can find them in polyester, silk and cotton.

They are so versatile that you can even find them with short and long sleeves, and with thinner or thicker fabrics; depending on what you need for yourself.

Sleepwear totally evolved. It is no longer a nightwear, boring, static, passive. Be sure you feel comfortable, sexy, and have a great sleep!!

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