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The Babydoll: A Sexy Must In Your Wardrobe

The Babydoll: A Sexy Must In Your Wardrobe

The babydoll is a feminine and delicate garment, it is generally a one lingerie piece oriented to comfort, freshness and safety, currently it is an icon of sensuality.


Being a feminine piece, it seeks to highlight the attributes and femininity. You can find them with lace, appliqués, bows, ruffles and ribbons. Most of babydoll’s fabrics are translucent fabrics such as nylon or silk.

 It is ideal for all types of bodies, wearing a delicate babydoll gives us the security to hide certain parts of the body that we are a little worried about and enhance other parts of the body that make us feel safe. It is very important to choose the correct size and design. There are several from the size XS babydoll for small to the size XXL babydoll.

Like any other garment, babydoll comes in different models, materials and lengths. It basically consists of a gown and night dress, made of light fabric and that has a slight fall on the female body.

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In most cases, the length of the babydoll ranges from the waist to mid-thigh.

Can I use a babydoll as underwear? Off course you can, women enjoy more and more wearing this type of clothing under their daily clothes. You could subtly discover part of the babydoll in your look, this gives you more security and confidence, as well as making you feel sexier. What you carry inside, you show on the outside.

Colors are very important when wearing lingerie. In our daily lives we give a big importance to the combination of our outfit and many times we leave aside the color or the combination of our lingerie.

We are going to show you the meaning of some colors in your babydoll


The black babydoll will become the ideal piece for an unforgettable night. Black is sensual and mysterious, it is a color that helps to stylize the figure.

It shows the natural elegance, and with some accessories, it can become an erotic piece, with a touch of elegance and mystery. You will look like a real diva.

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The white babydoll is a piece that shows sweetness and simplicity. It is one of the favorite colors of women that want to have a touch of ingenuity in their look, while remaining feminine and sensual. But it is not one of the most recommended if you want to show your mysterious or passionate side.


Is the ideal color  for women who are a little more daring, sure of their body as it is, without inhibitions, with a touch of mystery. It shows the hot, passionate and erotic side of the woman who wears it. The red babydoll inspires pure eroticism combined with passion and lust.


The blue color is one of the favorites of women who feel comfortable and confident in their body, so they have no problem taking the lead in a passion and erotic night with a touch of sweetness and tenderness.

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The style you choose depends of course on your tastes, your body and in general what you feel comfortable with, but it is definitely true that every sexy and free girl should have at least one babydoll in her wardrobe.

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