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How To Choose The Best Underwear For Men

How To Choose The Best Underwear For Men

You should change the conception of men's underwear. These pieces do not serve only to cover you, they have a role that goes beyond, highlighting your look within style, personality and comfort.

Nowadays, there are different elements that influence the best underwear for men. A detail that will help both your preferences and those models that favor you the most.

When it comes to men's underwear, there is no single style. Even among the basics that every man knows, briefs and boxers, there are some varieties that can completely change your look. Sometimes men pay attention only to the external of the outfit, and they forget to feel comfortable, so it is important to experiment or try the different types of underwear pieces.

Pay attention because we are going to show you the most popular types of men’s underwear so you can choose the best for you

Boxers Briefs

Boxers Briefs are one of the most used pieces. It was popularized by Mark Wahlberg when he was known as Marky Mark, Its creation is carried out by Calvin Klein. These briefs come up to the waist (with a medium cut) and extend along the thigh, covering up to the middle of it.

Unico 1802010013000 Boxer Briefs Reconnect


Briefs usually come in three different cuts: low, medium, and high, which can change the look quite a bit. The low type is below the waist and makes you look slimmer. Mid-cut briefs sit at the waist, they are the most traditional, while high-cut briefs are large, covering the thigh a little more, looking more like boxers, but higher.

Boxer Shorts

There is a big difference between boxer shorts and boxer briefs. Boxers do not have such a tight structure as briefs and are usually a kind of shorts that reach mid-thigh, made with materials such as cotton. They are usually only supported at the waist.

Although they are also one of men’s favorites, they are not so recommended to be worn with tight pants or with slightly transparent fabric, due to their structure and slightly thick design.

Calvin Klein U1732-002 Woven Boxer 3-Pack


Also known as Jockstrap is a type of underwear worn by those who want to look sexy in their undies. It is usually held with elastic bands, serving as support in the lower part of the waist. It is one of the most supportive underwear types for men

Thong and Strings

These pieces are also used by those who want a sensual look in underwear (or perhaps something comfortable and different). Thongs are usually not that thin, still leaving a piece of fabric on the top back. The main advantage of wearing thongs or g-strings for guys is that they prevent underwear lines from showing on the outside.

PetitQ PQ180901 Saulx G-String


They are the best underwear to wear in the beach days and their main characteristic is their design with a cropped style, like high-cut briefs, covering only the front and the back. Bikinis are also great for swimming and surfing since they keep water out of your manhood.

There a lot of possibilities when it comes to choose the perfect piece for you!!, be sure you are comfortable!

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