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Faux Leather: Main Trend This Season

Faux Leather: Main Trend This Season

The faux leather and leather are added to the long list of trends for this season and they do it by offering a lot of options.

Completely timeless, the leather and the faux leather shine this season and become the star fabric of the fall, so you should look into your closet, because you must have at least one faux leather garment.

Among all those incredible novelties that this new season brings us, some looks are coming back very strong, like the faux leather pants that always manage to give that impact effect on a minimal style.

Faux Leather garments are here to be the winning option for your most special occasions. Without a doubt, they are key to going to events or enjoying a different plan. Those who know the most about fashion wear both blouses and pants or skirts made of this type of fabric and the result of their looks is ideal.

Mapale 4554 Sensual Faux Leather Dress

Tight designs, straight cuts, puffed sleeves... all the trends of this season, apply to any garment!

Vegan and synthetic options are so many that there is no reason not to rock this trend. And, if the dominant color had always been black, this season there is room for all colors, including the full range of neutrals and nudes.

You Should Combine

As it is a daring fabric, many people wonder what is the proper way to wear it, although the truth is that there is no style manual.

Any garment is suitable for this style and its combinations are so wide that there are no specific rules when it comes to wearing it, but we do know that a chunky sweater and high boots with a skirt will always be a winner! if you wear a total black look you will not have margin for error.

Mapale 2673 Flirty Leather and Chains Dance Set

The total faux leather looks have become one of the great revelations of the season, as a perfect option for both day and night.

If you are looking for a safe and not so risky option, combine your leather pieces with poplin shirts, fine knit sweaters, plush sweatshirts and embroidered dresses, and even try the mixture with other similar materials such as suede.

In this season you are going to wear much more faux leather garments, but this year we have seen this texture fabric in more revealing silhouettes such as miniskirts and crop tops. With the season premiere, pants and jackets are at the top. Another option to show off a total leather look is to wear a loose garment and a tight one, to create balance. Depending on your body type, you can try faux leather garments with a fitted waist to define the silhouette.

Mapale 4553 Slim Faux Leather Dress

In summary, outfits with faux leather garments remain on the rise as a must-have for the new season, thanks to the experience of last winter and the new lessons of street style, you are going to look and feel beautiful in a faux leather garment.

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