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How to Choose The Perfect Swimsuit

How to Choose The Perfect Swimsuit

Summer arrives and the same scene repeats itself season after season: store fitting room with merciless light, bikinis that get smaller (not to say hips that widen) every year. 
The Perfect Swimsuit
As time goes by, the challenge of finding the ideal swimsuit increases; the good news is that it is possible to find the one who highlights the best of you. So it was that during the last Miami Fashion Week, I took the opportunity to ask Nuria Sardá, creative director of the Spanish line of lingerie and swimsuits Andrés Sardá, the keys to buying the best swimsuit.

For her, it is essential that you feel safe in a very social moment, in which you are with very little clothes and you cannot control what you hide or show. Thus, she recommends “a swimsuit that makes you feel pretty and gives you the rush. For me, in my case, a black swimsuit, with a nice neckline, a nice line, and that also [has] a very fine lining that controls. It looks like a normal swimsuit; but when you put it on this will give you more structure", he says.

Quality is another essential point, because although it may not be possible to see it with the naked eye, you will notice it in the materials with which the swimsuit is made, and in the way its patterns are made. The latter will allow the swimsuit to fit better, explains Nuria.
Gorgeous Swimsuit
The new swimsuit: from the beach to the cocktail

Nuria thinks that the swimsuit is one of the garments that has evolved the most, and the one that plays the most with fashion. "Now many garments can be used as an evening top, as one piece or top for pants," he says. All this, he adds, thanks to the sophistication and richness of materials, which makes them look less to get into the water and more for an outfit for day or night.

It also highlights the importance of accessories, such as sarongs, bathing suits, tunics, palazos, which offer you the possibility of dressing your swimsuit and also adapting it to each occasion.
Nuria says: “Summer is a time when people are calm, relaxed. Maybe they leave by boat; but from there they don't know when they will come back, and then all this kind of versatile garments that fix you up and make you more sophisticated when you want it, it's great! "

The word of an expert! What do you think?


By Veronica Mezzini

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