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Do's and Don'ts of Leggings

Do's and Don'ts of Leggings

Tights, leggings, skinnies... they have various names depending on the region; they are comfortable, functional and versatile. Ideal for the gym, for traveling, for a field trip, for a casual-chic look, they can become our best friend, or our worst enemy. Everything is in the way you use it.

In the European winter they are the bread and butter of the look of women of all ages. Combined with long coats, with oversized jackets, with blazers and sweaters, leggings happily coexist with boots, ankle boots, sneakers and ballerinas.


However, in the same way that I was fascinated by how certain women used them with maximum style, I also saw fabulous ways to ruin a look just by combining them with the wrong piece. Here are the do’s and don’ts:


The don’ts:

1- Say no to patterned or shiny leggings when you have thick thighs. Prefer the smooth, opaque and dark colors, which tend to stylize your legs. Prints, like glitter, can add visual volume, much more when the fabric is glued to your skin, as in these cases.


2- Do not combine them with a cropped top. Not even if you have a model’s body. Remember that leggings are not pants, and they tend to reveal more than necessary, so unless you wear them to the gym, always pair them with a sweater or jacket that covers your buttocks.


3- Do not wear them to an unflattering length. The combination of leggings with a sweater or blouse that reaches the middle of your hips, can make them look wider. Prefer those that fully cover your buttocks, to balance the volumes and make your figure look more stylized.


The do’s:

Yes to combining them according to the occasion. One of the great virtues of these wild cards is their versatility. If you combine them with the correct pieces, you can achieve winning looks, like these:

With short boots, in their vinyl or leather versions.


With a silk blouse and peep toe boots. 

Prints, as a complement to a trench jacket. 

With a jacket with geometric lines and medium-heeled pumps.

And my favorite combination: leggings, blazer, wedge heels, matching pashmina and a maxi wallet that will steal all eyes. Which is your favorite?

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