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Fall-Winter Fashion Trends 2022 - 2023

Fall-Winter Fashion Trends 2022 - 2023

Check Out Our Top Picks in Fashion for This Coming Fall and Winter Season 


For this next Fall-winter season we will be able to see a trend that could accompany us until the first months of 2023, and that follows the spring-summer 2022 line with some styles and colors. After two years of Pandemic we see that the proposals for Autumn 2022 are simpler and even more basic than the ones we could see in 2021, and will lead the way of colors and fabrics this season. 

Following you could find the principal trends of these years’ runways of the best designers for the Fall-Winter season 2022-2023.



Lace See Thru Dress 


DOMINATRIX: Let's start talking about Dominatrix: The image of dominatrix is ​​erotic and sexual, a great reference for this fall - winter 2022-2023, we have seen on the runways is the great trend towards this fetish fashion, leather dresses with straps and laces, the black color, latex, high boots with multiple straps, many looks with corsets and masks on. All this comes from a great need for physical contact left by the pandemic and the great social distancing. We can see great designers like Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain or Versace that have gone for this trend this year.

TRANSPARENT: Transparencies are at fashion domain this season, in the form of see-through surface materials in tops, dresses, skirts, in materials such as net, organza, lace, tulle, sheer.

THE CORSET: The corset is once again a great protagonist this Fall-Winter season, adjustable to all body types. This garment can be worn and worn very well, with belts, trench coats, skirts or pants.

LEATHER: Leather is a great material, this season we will see it as a big trend, in various colors, and in clothes such as jackets for men, or long skirts of different colors for women. This year, in the runways, we noticed this material has been renewed over time, making it a material free of animal suffering.

THE COLOR PINK: There is a color that has marked a great trend this year and it is the color pink, and it will continue to be so in all its ranges this new Fall-Summer season. From the softest tones to the most daring, they are all on trend. We can see monocratic looks with many shades of pink, mainly fuchsia. The most important thing about this trend is that it must be a total look of this color. 

PUNK: This Fall season the punk trend is all over the place, we can find sharp lines, and metal buckles. But with variations that show a not that dark trend.  

TANK TOPS AND SKIRTS: There is a basic in everyone's closet and it will continue to be a trend, this is the tank top, since it can accompany any outfit, such as jeans, a skirt, pants. The color trend for tank tops is withe, but you can find it in very color as well, and often stamped with a logo. And if we talk about tank tops we should also talk about the skirt, after this summer where we saw that the miniskirt was a trend, very very short, tight to the body, and made of many materials such as denim, for the next season it is still trendy.

HIGH BOOTS: As for shoes, for this new season long boots are what we are going to find the most in all trends, High boots and Over the knee boots or stockings can also be seen. They come in many materials such as lace, or leather. Boots that can be used with pants, and leather long dresses.

BALACLAVA: This Autumn-Winter season could not happen without the so-called balaclava, which has become a more sophisticated accessory, although it will always remain a sporty piece, this thanks to the collaboration between Gucci and Adidas, we will be able to find them in different colors, from basic colors like gray or black to more vivid colors like orange or green. They also become transparent, as in the Dolce & Gabbana version as was fashionable in the 80's.

STRAPLESS NECKLINE: For the dresses this season, the neckline that we saw the most on the runways and on the street is the Strapless. This type of neckline is very versatile and is used in many ways, ranging from basic, glamorous, sporty and asymmetrical styles. Also in many colors. 

KNITWEAR. Knitwear has been in trend for several seasons, and this time is not going to be different, in all colors, and in two-piece outfits, or dresses. The important thing is that it has to be a total knitwear look.

PREPPY LOOK: It is not a new look, in fact it has been a trend for many years, and this year it is once again the protagonist in this Autumn-Winter season. This 'school girl' trend has gone from being a uniform, to wearing it on any place. Most designers like Gucci, Chanel, Miu Miu, have taken it to their field. With “nerd” type glasses, pleated skirts, satin ballerinas, high stockings. The tweed, which for many years has been in top trend, returns in this season.

OVERSIZED JACKETS: In this season´s runways we can find oversized shoulder blazers that remind us a little of the fashion of the 80s, they made up a large part of what was called 'power suit'. Now they come in large classic cut coats or with faux fur XL size bomber jackets full of decorations and colors. As consumers become worried and critical about treatment of animals, designers give in to the demand by adopting the faux fur instead of traditional animal-based options. 

MARKED WAIST: Last season the trend was low waist, but for the Autumn - summer season, many firms have decided to pay attention to re-mark the waist. This has also been due to great demand from the public who do not like the low waist, and think that a better silhouette is seen by marking the waist. Clothes such as fitted at the waist jackets, sets of skirts and tops where a belt becomes essential to mark the waist and achieve the desired silhouette.

As we can see, everything seems to indicate that this season will bring us much of what we have seen in other seasons, but with some modifications, in accordance with what we experienced in the pandemic.





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