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How To Choose The Best Two Piece Swimsuit For Your Body?

How To Choose The Best Two Piece Swimsuit For Your Body?

If there is a moment when your body is exposed in public, that moment is when you are wearing a two piece swimsuit, so it's impossible not ask yourself how to choose the perfect two piece swimsuit for you?

It depends a lot on what you are going to use it for, or what you want to communicate, before choosing a two piece swimsuit you have to take into account some characteristics such as.

 - Your likes

- Your silhouette

- Your personality

- Your size

Not everyone looks the same wearing a two piece swimsuit, we are going to give you some tips so you can choose the one you like best.

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The trends may be the same but the colors and the shape, on this occasion, do matter, because no woman has the same body.

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The Size Of Your Chest

Large chest: You should choose a two piece swimsuit without prints, because the prints, stripes or large drawings will make your chest look bigger. The best shape for you is a V neckline swimsuit.

Medium chest: You are lucky that you do not need to rule out any option since everything will depend on whether you want to enhance your neckline or simply show it off as it is. A triangle top will look beautiful in you.

Small chest: Unlike women who have large chests, if you have a small chest you will look better in patterned bikinis, with wrinkles and even better, with ruffles. In this way your neckline will be enhanced.

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Your Hips

If you have wide hips, it is best to highlight the upper part, so a printed top or a bright color and a plain low-waisted panty that does not have bows, prints or ruffles is better. The simpler the better.

On the other hand, if you don't have a lot of hips, small panties will favor you, prints with drawings and, most importantly, with ties on the sides, so that you can give more volume to your waist.


Your Legs

Short legs: You should choose high-waisted panties, as they will flatter your figure and give a feeling of greater length.

Long legs: if you already have long legs, it is not necessary to stylize them more, so a low-waisted panty will be the most appropriate. You can also opt for those that are tied on both sides of the hip

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Your Belly

Flat stomach: you have to show off your abs and enhance your silhouette with low-waisted panties, prints, ruffles or side ties.

If it's not flat: You can wear high-waisted panties. Another option is to choose wide panties that are not necessarily high so that you do not give up tanning your torso.

Your Skin Tone

White skin: You should not wear a white two piece swimsuit. Yours are warmer colors like turquoise blue, olive green or pale pink.

Golden skin: prints, flowers, stripes and bright colors will all look good on you.

Brown skin: Now you can dare with white. Also, fluorescent colors or colors that attract attention in this way you will still enhance the color of your skin.

The most important thing of all this is that you feel safe and comfortable, choose the bikini that most identifies with you, and above all always keep your essence and personality.

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