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How To Wear Your Summer Dress In Winter

How To Wear Your Summer Dress In Winter

When winter arrives and the weather turns colder and darker, your clothing options become much more limited. Many women are especially disappointed to say goodbye to their favorite summer dresses that have been staples for them all year.

It's a waste to wear only part of the clothes in your closet for a whole season. There are many different ways to create winter-worthy looks with your cute and warm dresses at the same time.

Long Socks

Wearing your dress over tights is one of the best ways to include a summer dress in a winter outfit.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to tights. All you really need is a pair of plain black tights. Layer classic black tights under a solid or patterned dress and complete the look with boots or ankle boots. If you want to get a little more creative, experiment with tights in different textures and patterns.

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With Warm Outerwear

Combine your dress with classic winter outerwear to create a complete look. You can wear your favorite summer dresses with just about any type of outerwear, including jackets, trench coats, leather jackets, knit cardigans, and more. You can wear this look with knee high boots and visible boot socks.

Under A Sweater

If you are a fashion lover, you probably have a wide collection of sweaters and dresses in your closet. Instead of saving these pieces for separate seasons, you can wear them together for a winter-friendly look.

Wear a sweater over a dress to create a look that's elegant, warm, and cozy at the same time. Combine a cropped sweater with a midi or maxi dress and heeled ankle boots.

Mapale 4646 Dress


Combine your summer dresses with cold weather accessories

Wear a solid, chunky knit scarf over a patterned dress and plain black tights for a sleek look that protects you from chilly winter winds. Under a short dress, wear boots over knee-high boot socks with lace or button trim to add a subtle, delicate and feminine finish to your look. Accentuate your body under a flowy dress and outerwear combination by fastening a wide belt around your waist.

Above The Boots

Boots are the classic choice for winter looks that include dresses. You have many options within the boot family for shoes to match your outfit.

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Do not leave your dresses stored when winter arrives. As long as you wear them right, dresses are pieces you can wear no matter the time of year without sacrificing style or comfort. You can take advantage of all the clothes you have in your closet, it's just a matter of combining them well, depending on the season you're in.

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