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Over 40? Pro tips on how to wear shorts

Over 40? Pro tips on how to wear shorts

Who said shorts are only reserved for twentysomethings? These tips will show you how to properly wear shorts.


These faithful friends, who summer after summer make our lives easier (and fresher), can make you shine at any age if properly combined. Just choose the ideal pair and combine them with style. Here are our tips on how to wear shorts if you are over 40. 

Three of our favorite looks: 

1) Boho chic for a casual outing

A pair of lace shorts is a summer must-have, and a perfect base to create a boho chic look like this one.

Choose loose shorts in a tan shade, and dress it up with a romantic pastel tunic, flat leather sandals, gold accessories and a fringed leather handbag. Of course, makeup and nails to match.

2) Dress them up

Several seasons ago, the shorts ditched the beaches and pools and decided to join the workforce. Before they were reserved for weekends, today they come to work meetings and offices, in their dress versions. Of course ... you must choose them with great criteria.

Business Casual Shorts

Look for a relatively long and loose pair of shorts, with which you feel comfortable and chic. A good idea is to look for a full-color version and dress it up with a blazer, tank top and shoes in shades of nude tones. Keep accessories as minimal as possible.

A pair of cat-eye glasses will add the feminine note, and you will arrive splendidly at that work lunch.

3) Take your jean shorts to the next level

The NO NO when choosing a pair of shorts when you are no longer 20 years old, they are very simple: never tight, never very short, never faded. And also to combine them: never with tight or short tops, nor with very high heels, nor with bombastic accessories, nor with strident makeup.

With this in mind, a simple pair of jean shorts can be part of a head turning look. 


Take advantage of the reign of kimonos and look for one in floral or arabesque print, in full color. Combine it with a tank top that integrates one of the colors of the kimono and dress it up with sandals with low platforms, a jute mega bag, and accessories to match.

These were our tips on how to wear shorts if you are over 40. Do you love shorts? What are your tips? Comment below. 

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