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What to pack for a romantic getaway?

What to pack for a romantic getaway?

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your partner?  It can be really easy if you know what to pack.

You need to pack things that will set the mood and help you feel sexy,  this packing it’s going to be a little bit different that the one you would do for a normal vacation.

Pick your favorite sexy dress, skirt, and jumpsuit. Wearing something you enjoy and that your partner will also love looking at you in can help set the mood for your get away.

No matter what are the reasons for your romantic getaway, there is nothing worse than noticie you forgot something at home when you arrive at your trip.

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In order to make your packing easier, you should be creative when putting together your outfits. Look for outfits that will work during both the day and night.

Here are some suggested items you should pack to enjoy your romantic getaway together.

Accessories: These will help you transform your look anytime, so take advantage of the fact that jewelry does not take up much space. Necklaces and earrings are an excellent option

Lingerie: While you will want a few undies, this is a very romantic trip,  and your time to shine and be hotter than ever, make him say “wow” with your sexy lingerie. Pick out his favorite and your favorite pieces for this trip, also a sexy robe to cover up.

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Romantic music: You can set the perfect mood, by bringing both of your favorite romantic music.

Dresses and Jumpsuits: Dresses are a must in any destination, pack a dress that will make you feel irresistible and sexy to go out dancing one night, and a jumpsuit that you can wear during the day and night.

Sunscreen: Nothing ruins the romance more than a sunburn!, if you get one, the last thing you’ll want to do is anything remotely romantic, so be sure you pack your sunscreen and use it every day.

Swimwear: Pack a couple of swimsuit, a bikini and a one piece swimsuit. Do not forget your cover-ups to cover yourself to complete the look with your swimsuit. A midnight swim is extremely romantic.

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Perfume: Make yourself smell sexy. Pack your favorite perfume and tease him all weekend by wearing it everywhere.

Massage oils: Enjoy your romantic getaway trip by relaxing massages, take turns on giving each other a massage with a nice oil.

Sexy sleepwear: Feel extremely beautiful and hot in a sexy and comfortable sleepwear.

A surprise gift to your partner:  Surprise your partner with a gift, it can be something you will enjoy together in your get away.

And last but not least you should pack an emergency kit because it is better to be safe than sorry, you should carry a small kit with products that can be used during the trip. From band-aids, something for headaches and stomach upsets, to a set of feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads). That way nothing will take you by surprise.

With all these tips you will have the best romantic getaway ever!

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