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Total Black Look Inspiration

Total Black Look Inspiration

The elegance represented in a color, that is black.

Whenever you have an event, or important occasion, and you don't know what to wear, a black garment can be your lifesaver. From a lingerie dress to a more casual look with jean, the color black offers endless possibilities to the appearance you are looking for.

Dressing in black is an alternative that many women (and also men) choose almost every day. This trend has been around for a long time. It originated in France, where the shade of black is seen as a symbol of elegance.

Black may seem boring only at first glance, however, this color is the color of good taste. The presence of black cannot be ignored. Color black has many shades. We can see black in various fabrics and textures like velvet or black lace, black knitwear or black leather, black looks different here and there.

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Many of us love black because, in addition to being a neutral color, it makes us look slimmer, How?, the black color does not reflect light, it absorbs it, managing to deceive the eye. If you wear all black, a block of color is created and a more streamlined silhouette will be seen. Almost all of us have a pair of black pants, skirts or dresses as a "joker" in our wardrobe.

Do black clothes make us feel hotter than the white ones?

People often believe that wearing white is the best way to stay cool in the heat, as the color white reflects most of the energy waves that enter the planet, including the sun's rays. And in turn, that the black color absorbs these waves and retains them. This is completely correct, only this explanation is missing some data. Black clothing absorbs sunlight and heat emitted from your body. White clothes not only reflect sunlight, but also reflect the heat we emit back to your body. Winner? The black clothes.

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The black color symbolizes mystery and protection. Although it is usually associated with the world of the occult and the unknown, really all it does is create an air of mystery.

In color psychology, black gives protection from external emotional stress. It creates a barrier between the person and the outside world and provides comfort while protecting emotions and feelings, hiding vulnerabilities and insecurities.

It is said that sometimes we wear black to hide from the world that unfolds around us.

This color also symbolizes power, control, independence, and inner strength. Many say that wearing black clothes or clothing can protect you from negative vibes when traveling or in an uncomfortable situation

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The color black is often associated with a "sexy" look and seduction.

Meaning of wearing black in clothes

Also, if black is your favorite color when it comes to clothing, it could mean the following:

  • You are seeking protection from the negativity around you
  • You want to create an aura of mystery around you.
  • You are good at hiding things and you don't let anyone really know absolutely everything you think and what you feel.
  • You are methodical in your life and a perfectionist

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