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Trends in women's fashion for spring and summer 2020

Trends in women's fashion for spring and summer 2020

What are the trends in women's fashion for spring and summer 2020?

  • The cowboy essence is in all kinds of clothing this season.

Western style will be present in all types of clothing for spring and summer this year. You will see it in dresses, pants, short skirts, long skirts, jackets, blazers... The best thing about denim is that you can use it to create both a formal and casual look, depending on your needs.

  • Pastel colors are timeless in spring.

Another trend that comes around every spring is clothing in pastel colors. You'll find all kinds of garments in pink, blue, yellow, cream, green, etc. 

When you go to the store to try them on, place them close to your face. If you see your skin light up, then that color is favorable to your skin’s toning. If the color doesn’t compliment your natural skin tone, it will darken your face or make your eyes look baggy and tired. You should use these colors away from the face in pants, skirts or accessories.

  • Bohemian: for heading out on the town or enjoying a walk.

The bohemian style – a little hippy with a touch of chic – will be another trend this season. You can use a cream-colored, Ibiza-inspired dress belted at the waist, and combine it with high heels. Worn like this, you can use it to go out with friends, but if you pair it with sandals you can take a walk along the beach or go shopping.

  • Ethnic styles sweep over the fashion scene.

Styles incorporating an ethnic flair are another trend of the season. Dresses, pants, shirts and even Mayan- or African-inspired accessories will be numerous.

  • You can’t be missed in a fluorescent garment.

The fluorescent trend has been invading the display windows of every store. If you want to incredibly on trend, your wardrobe shouldn’t be lacking a fluorescent piece, whether it be a top or an accessory.

These colors can also be experienced as eye shadows. Note that if you wear one of these tones, it’s best not to use shades of the same color. Do not abuse these tones because the effect can be very artificial.

  • The combination of white and black looks great on everybody.

White and black numbers are making a strong comeback. Although this timeless trend is never falls out of fashion, it is now more in styles than ever before. Depending on how you use, this trend works well with all body types.

Note that horizontal stripes will add volume, while horizontal stripes create a more stylized look.

  • Fringe invades the world of accessories.

You also can’t miss out on fringe craze if you want to be seen as the most fashionable lady in town. This trend can be found primarily in accessories (like bags and necklaces), but also on some clothing items, too – especially shorts.

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