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How to Pick Out the Perfect Pair of Shorts

How to Pick Out the Perfect Pair of Shorts

How to Pick The Perfect Pair of Shorts

  • For pear-shaped women: Keep it plain and simple.

This body type is characterized as having a lower torso that is wider than the shoulder area, so the trick is to divert the eye from the hips and enhance the upper torso.

Shorts must be as simple as possible so as not to attract attention to your hips.

Avoid large pockets on the sides. Try to find shorts with lines that are as straight as possible made from fabrics that drape well.

The length of the short can vary, but make sure the waist of the short hits your natural waistline near your belly button. Always avoid low-cut waistlines.

Solid colors and simple shapes are most flattering. Keep away from excessive ornamentation and bold prints.

If you are overly conscious of your thighs, find lengths that hit at the knee.

  • For boyish figures: Pants with pleats, pockets and bright colors.

More rectangular bodies are definitely balanced but lack more feminine curves. You should use your clothing to give movement to your shape. Find a pair of shorts that enhances your curves with pleats, pockets and bright colors.

Shorts for this body type should not to be excessively wide or use a lot of fabric. 

  • For skinny legs: Short shorts with cuffs.

If you have very thin legs, the best shorts for you are those that have a cuffed leg to add volume.

  • For petite women: Super short and airy.

If are a shorter lady, try to find very short shorts. Nothing long, and always with a sufficient amount of fabric.

  • For more rounded shapes:

Avoid waistlines that land at the hip. Make sure the short stays at your natural waistline or a little below. 

Forego tight belts that focus the eye on your lower torso. Choose shorts without ornamentation or pleats. As simple as possible is the way to go.

Shorts should not fit too tightly, but not be so large that you can’t see your shape through the amount of fabric.

Try to find lines that fall along the thinnest part of the leg.

  • For hourglass shapes: Shorts with cords or belts.

When you have this shape, opt for styles that mark the waist so it visually does not get lost.

A good option would be a pair of shorts with ties, a belt or an elastic band that accentuates the waistline. The legs of the garment shouldn’t be completely straight or you'll lose the shape of your body. Choose styles that are not so wide that you get lost in the fabric.

  • For bigger shoulders: Ornamentation and pockets. 

This body type is characterized by a wider upper torso, so when choosing the perfect pair of shorts you should aim for balance by giving strength to the bottom half of your body.

You can do this with shorts that have decoration, pockets and everything else you might need to give volume and prominence to your hip area.

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