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How To Plan Your Outfits

How To Plan Your Outfits

For many people choosing what to wear every morning is not an easy task, but it might be because it takes a lot of time choosing your outfit daily, what if instead of choosing what to wear every day, you choose the looks for the whole week?.

By planning your outfits on Sunday evenings for the week, you reduce the morning stress, look amazing, and are dressed to conquer your day.

We are going to give you 3 easy and simple tips so you can enjoy the process and always look spectacular.

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First, these are some advantages of planning what to wear during the week

-  It will give you confidence to dedicate time in something very important: Your personal image.

- You will feel more relaxed knowing that you don´t have to spend time in your outfits every morning.

- You will have more time to complement your look with a nice makeup and hairstyle.

- You will be able to make the most of your clothes by creating different looks and giving more versatility. For example a black top goes great with skirt, jeans an shorts.

These 3 simple tips will make this task a success and you will always look fabulous.

1. Order

Knowing what outfit you want to wear is great, but if you can't find one of the items you need for it, it's quite useless. Having an organized wardrobe with everything visible and easy to find is key to success in this process.

Have only clothes that fit you well, that are in perfect condition and fit your personal style and lifestyle.

Separate your clothes by family for example: Bodysuits, jeans, dresses, short sleeves, long sleeves, lingerie and then by colors it will be easier for you to choose the clothes and make combinations.

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2. Make A List Of The Activities Of The Week

Make sure what are the activities of your week, this will be essential to plan your looks, always remember to consider: your office dress code, scheduled activities, video calls, meetings, and night plans like dinners, going out to a club etc. Everything that is part of your day to day. It is important that you visualize what you are going to do because it is useless to plan your looks if they are not consistent with your reality. You can have an idea of your week activities by answering these questions: Where am I going? What am I going to be doing?, What type of first impression and image do I wish to project?

3. Give Personality To Each Day

This should be a fun task for you, because getting dressed is part of communicating to other people who we are without words, telling them a little about our personality and tastes, including what we do, so look for an accessory for every day and give a different touch to your look, for example you can add some of your lingerie to your look. Of course, always respecting your style.

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Whether you prefer to do weekly outfit plan or enjoy more to get dressed spontaneously in the mornings, the point of this exercise is to document your outfit options and have them ready when you need inspiration.

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