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Create a Day to Night Look

Create a Day to Night Look

Today, women have different roles that make them have a full agenda, especially on weekends. In any case, whatever the role you play, you will understand that there are times when you have a meeting during the day, a late lunch in the afternoon and a date at night.

Here are some keys to transform your daytime look into a more sophisticated one to go out in the morning and be prepared for an event in the afternoon/evening. Here we tell you what they are.

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The essential thing is to choose basics for the day and add sophisticated accessories for the night such as a small bag, an important necklace, high-heeled shoes or lips in bright shades.

Wear Dark Colors For Night

If there is a color that works well throughout the day, it is black. It's elegant, sophisticated, and overall a favorite in the night events, especially when it comes to a little black dress. Going for a dark, monochromatic look is an easy way to look appropriate for both occasions.

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We recommend you always choose ones with heels, because in addition to lengthening your figure, they will provide an elegant air. If it is difficult for you to change shoes, it is best to wear black or nude ankle boots in the morning; they are versatile and a great alternative to wear with skirts, dresses or pants.

Wear A Blazer

The garment that you can wear in day events and that works perfectly to go to a meal is a blazer. Wear it in the color you want, if it's black you can wear it with a light-colored blouse and jeans, it will give your outfit a very fashionable touch and at night it will make you look very formal.

Jeans Are Your Great Ally

Jeans are a classic, they are the most versatile and they always get us out of trouble. In this case, combined with a blazer and a white t-shirt, they will help us achieve a daytime look and a nighttime look. The best way to get a more elegant look for the night is having a great  bag, jewelry and shoes.

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The Perfect Bag

The small ones will be the ideal choice to transform a simple look into a more sophisticated one. You just have to change from one bag to another; you can leave the big one in the office.

Remember that the idea is to make minimal changes in your outfit when transforming your look from day to night, so if you are going to wear the same clothes throughout the day, make sure they are comfortable. A general rule: if you can't walk, sit, or stand for a long time using it, don't wear it.

Before you leave for your evening meeting, take a few minutes to fix your shirt, adjust straps or suspenders, clean stains, touch up your makeup, or any spots you may have had during the day. Now it's time to make the necessary adjustments to transform your outfit from day to night. Once you're ready, it's time to enjoy!

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