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Best Way To Wash Your Underwear

Best Way To Wash Your Underwear

Lingerie and underwear are made with delicate fabrics such as silk and lace, fabrics that need specific care to keep them in perfect condition.

It’s not recommended to wash them at high temperatures or use highly concentrated detergents. With these tips, they will last longer and will always look like new.

You should wash your underwear and lingerie separately from other clothes, either by hand or in a lingerie bag on the washing machine, they should never go into your dryer machine. Taking a few extra minutes to separate your underwear from the rest of your clothes will help prolong their life , which is definitely worth the effort.

The first thing you have to do is to read the labels of your underwear, they tell you the way you should take care of them.

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Hand Wash

The best way is to hand wash all of your underwear to protect the delicate fabrics and prevent them from being damaged in the washing machine.

Be sure to no use a brush because it would damage the delicate fabrics. Always separate the colors and do not mix dark colors with light colors.

Dry the underwear on a clean towel: It is the best way to prevent them from becoming deformed, especially bras.

It is better if you avoid putting your underwear in direct sunlight because it can damage the materials of the underwear.

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Machine Wash

Nowadays, we know that it is difficult to hand wash your clothes, because of the time it takes, by following these tips, you will be able to use your machine to wash your underwear.

 - Invest in Lingerie Bags: they are mesh bags that can be used to separate your underwear from the rest of your laundry, preventing it from being damaged.

- Choose a short cycle and you should always use cold or warm water, around 60 degrees is ideal, it helps take off bacteria and it’s important to prevent the spread of microorganisms to your other clothing, a mild detergent will help you.

Do not use fabric softeners

- Don't use the dryer. This device, however useful it may be, it terribly damages the fibers. Let lace garments dry on a flat surface.

How to store underwear

Reserve an exclusive place for your underwear such as a lingerie-only drawer in your wardrobe.

To protect your lingerie and prevent it from snagging on other garments' trims and zippers, you can cover your garments with paper or fabric.

Use cloth bags to store especially delicate lingerie items to prevent them from snagging on decorations and closures of other garments.

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The way you store your bras, especially underwired and padded bras, is important so you don't deform them prematurely. Store them one on top of the other or in a line, but never fold them in half cup by cup.

 Protecting your underwear requires two important steps: buying only high-quality bras, lingerie, underwear, and shapewear from the best brands, and knowing how to care for them so they last longer.

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