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Best Way To Dress For A Cocktail Party

Best Way To Dress For A Cocktail Party

The cocktail party is an event or social gathering that can be anything from very sophisticated to something informal.

A cocktail party is a social event that requires a specific protocol, these are events that are festive but not overly formal. We could talk about a wedding, an event where cocktails and canapés will be served, a baptism or any type of celebration for which you have to dress elegantly, but not formally.

Basic Rules For Cocktail Party Dress Code

Depending on the type of the event these are the tips you should keep in mind when choosing your best look.

- How to dress for a daytime cocktail. The most appropriate would be to wear a short or midi dress. Neither sequins nor the most festive pieces, which are reserved for night weddings, would be appropriate. If the cocktail is in the morning, pastel colors and light tones will look great.

- How to dress for an afternoon cocktail. Both bright and cheerful colors are often used (especially in summer weddings). If is not a morning celebration, you could choose satin fabric dresses, models with ruffle details, puffed sleeves...

- How to dress for an evening cocktail. The famous “little black dress” is the best garment for cocktail events held at night.

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What should you not be missing: accessories for the cocktail dress

To make your cocktail look even more beautiful you should look for the perfect accessories, such as: shoes, bags, headdresses (if required) and outerwear.

As for accessories, headdresses and hats are perfect for the day, while only headdresses will be the best option for the night. As for accessories, you can look for big earrings and pendants for the night events, while for the day it would be best to choose simpler and more discreet jewelry.

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The most suitable shoes to complement a cocktail dress will be mid-height shoes, whether they are closed, slingback or open. An option that never goes out of style is the classic mid-heeled pumps, they are very comfortable, as you would need in this type of event, as you spend a lot of time on your feet. High-heeled sandals or even flat shoes can also be very suitable, as long as the shoes are elegant.

The best bags for these events will always be handbags, clutch bags, jewel bags, with ornaments or plain. The materials of the bags can be very varied, from suede and leather to satin, printed fabrics.

Hair And Makeup

Both, hairstyle and makeup must be in accordance with the dress and the selected accessories. Elegant updos, will be very suitable at night, semi-updos, and long hair can all be good options, whether the cocktail is held in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. A short wet look hairstyle can look great for an evening event

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Makeup, can be more strong and darker in evening and night events, while, if it is a cocktail that is celebrated in the morning, the most appropriate tones will be pastel, nude, pink, or brown.

As always, the most important thing is that you should always feel beautiful and comfortable.


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