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Lingerie As Part Of Your Day And Night Look

Lingerie As Part Of Your Day And Night Look

Visible lingerie has conquered a large part of fashion addicts and has become a real trend. For all those who want to feel super sexy, give it a try you will never regret it.

Lingerie has become a constant in the most elegant night looks among famous and influencers.

The barriers between underwear and outerwear disappeared a while ago. Lingerie is no longer used only as underwear, you can use it as part of your look, such as turning bralettes into perfect companions for oversize blazers or giving them all the prominence through semi-transparent blouses and dresses.

Nowadays the trend also leads to bodysuits and lingerie corsets and make them the protagonists of outfits, particularly at night. You can wear them with pants or skirts, or accompanied by oversized garments such as jackets or coats.

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If you are a fan of experiencing new trends, the lingerie inspired trend is for you, it is time to make room in your closet for lingerie pieces that include garments such as slinky slip dresses, corsets, bodysuit and bralettes.

We are talking about a look that previously we would have thought to use for a night out or at a dinner, today it is also worn during the day with oversized blazers, jeans and a pair of boots. This trend also makes them very versatile pieces and it is very easy to make the transition from a day outfit to a night outfit, you can simply change the jeans for leather pants or a black mini and you're all set.

The bralettes can be worn with a cover-up such as a blazer or a leather jacket. Wearing it with a tailored suit is the perfect combination of elegance with a more sensual twist.

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Wearing a lingerie garment combined with a mesh top is a sure hit and if it is accompanied by high-waisted pants, much better.

We are going to give you some tips, so you can choose the linergie that best suist you, and feel beautiful and sexy.

  • Make sure your underwear fits perfectly to the body. If you wear a small garment, you will not be able to hide the things you don’t want to show; and if it is too big you will only create more volume.
  • When revealing your underwear, play with color and patterns. Choose tones that contrast with your skin, in this way you will highlight your body figure.
  • Remember that a lace body will give you the same effect as a corset while covering your abdomen. It is one of my ideal garments that I always recommend.
  • Try the layers, If you choose to wear a sheer top or blouse to show off your lace bra or bralette, you need to wear an open blazer over it.

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The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident about yourself, that way you will make everyone notice you

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