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Different Kind Of Jumpsuits For Different Kind Of Bodies

Different Kind Of Jumpsuits For Different Kind Of Bodies

Just like a pair of jeans, a jumpsuit is a must in your closet. This garment is perfect to make you look taller, accentuate your figure and look spectacular in various situations, from a brunch on a sunny day, the beach or a wedding.

There is a whole range of options for this piece: long, short, printed, silk, cotton, with loose and straight pants, with a neckline and straps, with long sleeves or without them

Jumpsuits are a very versatile, comfortable and stylish garment. However, sometimes we do not know how to get the most out of it, we are going to give some tips so you can look for the perfect jumpsuit for you

Mapale 1912 Gorgeous Slits Jumpsuit

Short Women

If you are short, you should get a long jumpsuit with wide pants, to create the optical illusion that you are taller; This combination will look better with heels, whether they are wedges or high heels.

Tall Women

Tall women have a little advantage for jumpsuits,  whatever style they choose will look fabulous on them. If you want to get the most out of your jumpsuit, try to buy a basic piece that you can combine with different accessories and make it look different on each occasion.

Mapale 1895 One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Plus Size

If you look for a plus size jumpsuit, you should keep in mind a few tips: choose one that is slightly marked at the waist or to which you can add a belt that emphasizes that part of your body. Smooth and fresh fabrics are your best option.

Triangle Body

For women with this type of body, it is best to level the width of your hips with a neckline that draws attention to the shoulders, thus creating the desired balance.

Inverted Triangle Body

If you have this type of body, choose a piece with volume from the hips, you want to create balance and your shoulders are wider than your hips. Avoid very fitted in the lower part of your body.

If it is the first time that you are going to buy a jumpsuit, it is best to bet on a solid color garment. Black, navy blue or even white are perfect to venture out with your first jumpsuit, but if you choose prints, it is important to choose the one that works best for your body type.

Vertical striped prints are perfect for making you look taller; while large floral or animal prints, especially those with rounded spots, can make you look wider than you really are.

Mapale 1901 Jumpsuit

High Heels

A general rule for almost all jumpsuits is that you should combine them with heels,

They can range from high sandals, stilettos or even ankle boots with heels for those models that are skinny in the calf and heel.

Although we agree that there are exceptions. For example, with very relaxed cut jumpsuits or with a beach vibe, you can wear flat sandals, or tennis.

Mapale 1911 Jumpsuit

Take the time to find the jumpsuit that goes perfectly with your body; that is, neither too tight nor too loose.

A jumpsuit that is too tight may not be as flattering on your silhouette, while a jumpsuit that is too baggy can make your figure look lost.




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